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In need of drilling or earth moving services?

We Specialize in Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling



Earth Moving, Environmental or Geotechnical Drilling Services in Toronto

Are you looking for efficient drilling services in Toronto? Our team at Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd can help you drill any terrain with our high-tech equipment. We specialize in environmental and geotechnical drilling services as well as site remediation and earthmoving.


Our Clients

Our team at Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd is fully trained to meet our customers' commercial and industrial drilling needs in Toronto and the surrounding area. We can tackle the drilling requirements of both large and small projects. In the past, our clients have included farm owners and construction and industrial contractors across Toronto.


Our Commitment to Safety

At Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd, we are committed to the safety of our team and clients. Whether on the site or off it, we comply with the industry’s latest safety standards. Our drillings have extensive training in all safety protocols, including POST, GO Transit safety, and WHMIS.


Contact Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd in Toronto

Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd provides reliable drilling services in Toronto. Get in touch with our certified team and we will fulfill all your drilling and earthmoving requirements.




Earth-Friendly Drilling

We can determine soil and ground water condition of your property.

Contaminated Soil?

We can help treat and clean contaminated properties.

Want a Quote?

We can get you a no obligation quote according to your drilling project.

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