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In need of drilling or earth moving services?

We Specialize in Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling

Reliable Earth Moving, Environmental, or Geotechnical Drilling Services in Toronto

Are you looking for efficient drilling services in Toronto? Our Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd team can help you drill any terrain with our high-tech equipment. We specialize in environmental and geotechnical drilling services as well as site remediation and earthmoving.

Services We Provide

Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling

Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd specializes in geotechnical drilling and environmental services in Toronto. Our seasoned and insured drilling professionals adhere to stringent environmental protocols, guaranteeing a secure and proficient project conclusion. We specialize in geotechnical drilling to evaluate site suitability in construction and environmental drilling to assess potential groundwater or soil contamination. Reach out to us for a detailed price estimate or additional information about our services.

Remediation/Earthmoving Services


Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd offers trusted environmental remediation services in Toronto. We specialize in UST/AST removal, in situ injections, and earthmoving services. If you have a potentially contaminated site and would like to remediate and build or need excavation services, our experienced team and equipment are here to help. For additional details, contact us today!

Our Clients

The Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd team is thoroughly trained to address our customers' commercial and industrial drilling requirements in Toronto and the surrounding region. We can tackle the drilling requirements of both large and small projects. Previously, our clients have included engineering and environmental project managers as well as construction and industrial contractors across Toronto.


Our Commitment to Safety

At Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd, we recognize the vital role of safety in drilling operations and are dedicated to ensuring a secure work environment. Given the potential risks of high formation pressure and hydrogen sulphide content, we prioritize strict adherence to safety standards. Our commitment is evident through comprehensive professional training, rigorous equipment inspections, and continual improvement of our safety technology.

To enhance our commitment to safety and drilling services in Toronto, we employ cutting-edge drilling simulators, providing immersive training experiences. The well-being of our team members and clients is of paramount importance, driving us to maintain the highest safety standards in all our drilling projects.

Rest assured, at Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd, safety is non-negotiable. Our drilling teams are fully insured and comply with all relevant Ontario regulations. Each driller holds certifications in WHMIS and POST and training in ERail Safe and Go Transit protocols. Trust us to prioritize and ensure safety in our drilling endeavours.


Contact Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd in Toronto

Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd provides reliable drilling services in Toronto. Contact our certified team; we will fulfill all your drilling and earthmoving requirements.




Earth-Friendly Drilling


We can determine the soil and groundwater condition of your property.

Contaminated Soil?


We can help treat and clean contaminated properties.

Want a Quote?


We can get you a no-obligation quote according to your drilling project.

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