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Environmental Remediation in Toronto and the Surrounding Area


When you purchase a property, you likely have specific plans for what you will do with it; unfortunately, your plans can quickly change if there is environmental contamination. Call on the professionals at Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd. We provide environmental remediation services, UST/ AST removal, In Situ Injections, and earthmoving services for properties big and small in Toronto and throughout Southern Ontario.


Trusted Remediation Services in Toronto


Are you planning to build on a property deemed contaminated and potentially unsafe? At Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd, we have several years of experience working with engineering companies providing remediation services for properties that will be turned into retail stores, schools, new housing developments, and more. From small bulldozers to tri-axle dump trucks and large excavators, we have all the equipment needed for the success of your subsequent excavation or bioremediation injection project in Toronto and surrounding areas. Give us a call to learn more.

Benefits of Environmental Remediation Services


Environmental remediation services are essential for improving the condition of polluted or contaminated land. These services, such as Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd in Toronto, offer numerous benefits:

  1. They restore previously developed land to a healthy state suitable for habitation. They also provide favourable and permanent solutions through the expertise of trained consultants who can identify and address specific issues.

  2. Environmental remediation protects human health by reducing or removing pollution, which can cause various illnesses and developmental disorders. These services also provide valuable knowledge for future decision-making and offer integrated expertise from various professionals.

  3. They increase the productivity of the land, making it more profitable for redevelopment.

  4. Environmental remediation services contribute to the restoration of ecosystems and the enhancement of natural beauty, benefiting both the environment and human life.

Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about environmental remediation services in Toronto and the neighbourhood.



Environmental remediation in Toronto, provided by Terra Firma Environment Services Ltd, encompasses various types of remediation processes to address contamination in the soil and groundwater. Groundwater and surface water remediation are also important, as improper industrial discharge can contaminate water. Experts assess and evaluate the sources of contamination to restore water quality. Sediment remediation is another focus area, where technologies are used to reduce or convert contaminants in sediments into less harmful forms. These comprehensive remediation services aim to improve environmental conditions in the Toronto area.

UST & AST Removal

Old fuel oil storage tanks and associated piping left in the ground pose a significant environmental risk to properties in Toronto. Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd recognizes the importance of addressing these risks and offers comprehensive environmental remediation services. Old underground storage tanks (USTs) that store various fuels are prone to rusting and leakage, leading to soil and groundwater contamination. Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd’s experienced staff can assist clients in tank removal, site remediation, and filing post-closure reports to achieve a No Further Action (NFA) status. 

Environmental Remediation/Earth Moving Equipment

Case CX 210 Excavator

Case CX 210 Excavator


Efficient and versatile unit able to handle mid to large-scale projects.


  • Max Dig Depth 21 ft 10 in (6650 mm)

  • Dump Height - 22 ft 4 in (6810 mm)

  • Bucket Breakout Force Normal – 34171 lbs (152 kN)

  • Tail Swing Radius - 9 ft (2750 mm)

  • Ground Clearance - 17 (440 mm)

  • Operating Weight - 47800 lbs (21685 kg)

Case 580 4x4 Back-hoe

Case 580 4x4 Back-hoe


A resourceful and versatile unit, perfect for medium to small jobs that require power and efficiency.


  • Lift Capacity to Full Height - 7044 lbs (3195 kg)

  • Breakout force - lbf 9833 (44.6 kN)

  • Loader Bucket Heaped Capacity - 1.03 yd³ (0.79 m³ )

  • Transport Length - 23 ft 5 in (7140 mm)

  • Transport Width - 7 ft 2 in (2170 mm)

  • Transport Height - 10 ft 10 in (3290 mm)

  • Operating Weight, 4WD - 17, 269lbs (8649 kg)

Tri-axle Dump Truck

Tri-axle Dump Truck


A reliable and resourceful unit that is a practical hauler within city limits and outside the city.


  • Carrying capacity of 22 tons.

John Deere Dozer 450G

John Deere Dozer 450G


A rugged and dependable unit that can push 2 yd³ (1.5 m³)

Case 72 inch (183 cm) Packer Sheep Foot

Case 72 inch (183 cm) Packer Sheep Foot

Single drum vibratory compactor with sheep feet to enhance compaction.

Site Fencing

Site Fencing


Sturdy metal fence in 10 ft (3 m) long sections with a 6 ft (1.8 m) section height.

Why Choose Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd?


Is your property labelled as contaminated? Terra Firma Environmental Services Ltd is a dynamic company that delivers environmental site remediation and drilling services to large and small businesses in Toronto and Southern Ontario.

Reach out to our team today for a free quote.

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